This is a typical Norwegian fjord. You might feel that there is no more beautiful landscape on earth. However this is just the beginning. Norway is recognized as the country with the most beautiful fjords in the world. The country has more than 1,000 fjords along it´s coastline, which means that it is quite difficult to choose where to go. Top The Fjords bring you to destinations on the west coast that we consider most interesting both for their beauty and history.

Top The Fjords design your visit according to your interest and time available. You can choose one of our yachts or sailing boats with or without a private chef. If time is limited we also offer helicopters or exclusive high speed Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin boats.

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The Sognefjord is Norway´s longest and deepest fjord. At 127 miles (205 km) long and 4,291 ft (1,308 m) deep, many call it “The King of The Fjords”. Sognefjorden’s most narrow and famous fjord arm is the Nærøyfjord, only 250 metres wide at its narrowest. Since 2005, Nærøyfjorden has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it has also been rated the world’s number one natural heritage site by the National Geographic Society.


Fjords, mountains and glaciers. Waterfalls, hundreds of thousands of fruit trees and vibrant villages. The Hardangerfjord is the second largest fjord in Norway. With a rich food and cider production, cultural history, world-renowned icons and unique nature experiences, it is easy to understand why Hardanger has been a popular destination for hundreds of years.


This fjord is located north of Bergen and is one of the arms of the Osterfjord. The landscape here is both wild and beautiful, especially after making our way through the famous Mostraumen tidal current, where majestic mountains rise 1,200 meters on both sides of the Mofjord. A visit to this fjord is ideal for families in Bergen who wants to do multiple activities, but have limited time.

After this experience you will definitely have a feeling of what a fjord is!


Nordfjorden is an eldorado for those who desire rough activities. Mountain biking, glaicer hiking, skiing and surfing are some keywords for an active holiday in Nordfjord. The head of the Fjord is characterized by varied and dramatic scenery. Peaceful valleys and tidy farms lie in contrast to gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls and towering mountains. Olden and Loen is the gateway to the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland. A tour to Briksdal is highly recommended.

2650 km, 1646 miles

Norwegian Coast



204 km, 127 miles

Length of the longest fjord

1308 mt., 4291 ft

Depth of the deepest fjord

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